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Calendar of Events

We Pagans are a very diverse group, so we have alot of activities to encompass everyones interests. Here are a few that are coming up.

- August 29th - Unofficial Meeting, posters for the 5th
     - September 5th - "What is Spirituality" Discussion
              - Designed like "Pagan Conference" of much attendance

    - Toward end of summer, discuss via email:
     - When are budget meetings?
     - When is activity fair / sched. deadlines?
             |> August 27th is activity fair

- Activities Fair:
     - Assemble planning board
     - Include all new peeps from fair in email list

5th or 12th - group to just chill, get people acclimated to PODS,
non-Pagan meeting

Pagan Basic Training Day       Second Week
      - Sept 12th: Myths, introductions; non-Magick training (pre-Pagan
        Training Day)
      - Sept 19th: Grounding, centering, energy work, shielding,
        focusing, guided meditating (Pagan Training Day I)
      - Sept 26th: Mabon & combined ritual training (Pagan
        Training Day II)

Weekend of Sept 26th: apple picking?

Oct    03  - Public help project work - State Park cleanup? Planting?
10  - Massage lady    17  - Samhain planning / energy circle    24  -
Drumming circle / Emergency Samhain Planning    31  - Samhain

Nov    7 - Yule Planning



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