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The Pagan Organization for Diverse Spirituality Welcomes You!

PODS, of course, stands for the Pagan Organization for Diverse Spirituality. We are a group based on the University of Connecticut Storrs campus, and we join together to share our beliefs, traditions, and to just have fun. The key word in our name is not so much Pagan as Diverse; our group hosts a wide variety of religions from Pantheist to Wiccan to Christian.

The fundamental purpose of the Pagan Organization for Diverse Spirituality is to celebrate life/nature and spirituality in its many forms. While our name says "Pagan", we are using the word as a catch-all term to describe the various spiritualities people have outside the traditional Judaic, Christian, or Muslim experiences. This could range from traditional Wicca to solitary Wicca, from eclectic Eastern philosophies to various New Age spiritualities.

PODS is built on the premise of diversity and tolerance and has a strong no preach policy. While PODS traditionally holds certain events (such as open full moon circles, conferences, Samhain and Beltane camping trips), we are in no way limited to these events. All events, including the traditional ones, are planned and agreed upon by all attending. We conduct events this way to ensure that everyone feels comfortable, is able to give their input, and enjoys themselves. All opinions will always be heard and respected.

As PODS is a place to learn, no prior knowledge of "Pagan" spiritualities or practices is required. We welcome anyone curious who wants to listen, learn or share.



Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held every Thursday evening at 7:00pm in the Student Union, room 382 (the really nice one).


UConn PODS SU 382, Thursdays 7pm