PODS Minutes 2002-2003


Sept 12, 2002
Sept 12, 2002

Tonight's meeting went well in my opinion. There was a lot of
information divulged about the nature of paganism, magick, and ritual
work as PODS (and some others) know it. So much information that it
took about two hours or more (we went to the tree afterwards, so
including the tree it was a 3 hour meeting) to divulge it. I am
longwinded as it is, so I will not make this mail last 3 hours.

So here is a brief synopsis of the meeting, as well as miscellaneous
information I have been asked to include:

MINUTES 09.12.2002

   I. As I came in, Matt informed me that one's rage should be taken
      out on the geese. He did not elaborate.

  II. APPLE PICKING NEXT SATURDAY. Further information will be
      provided at next week's meeting, and/or in the next edition of
      the minutes.

     A. Departing from the Student Union room 386 at 7:30pm SHARP.
     B. Notice will be left on the whiteboard should you arrive after
        the Mabon Train has left the building. However, it is not
        usually a good idea to trust our diagrams and maps, so try to
        come on time anyway :)
     C. This ritual will be held in the wood behind Store 24. If you
        have never walked beneath these trees, see section III, part B.
     D. This ritual will be conducted in a way that includes PODS
        newcomers and those entirely new to magick/rituals/etc. All are
        welcome to come.
                1. Before or after the ritual, feel free to ask
                   questions as you desire.
                2. Though we are usually pretty good about this, I
                   cannot guarantee there will be appropriate moments
                   to ask questions during the ritual. We generally
                   explain what it is that we're doing while we're
                   doing it, so we hope that answers most questions
                   that arise.
                3. Participation is optional. You may simply come and
                   observe. We would ask those who wish to observe the
                   ritual to be respectful and not to disturb those who
                   are involved with the ritual. Basically, just try
                   not to speak loud or often enough that those in the
                   ritual can hear you, try not to move around too
                   much, and make sure that your belongings are not in
                   an area they can be easily stumbled over or included
                   in the designated ritual space. This hasn't been a
                   big problem in the past, I just wanted to include
                   this request for the benefit of all involved.
     E. After the meeting in 386 SU, we wandered over to the tree,
        where we practiced our standard assortment of chants for the
        next ritual and for chanting's sake. No windows were shattered
        that we heard. In fact, more random sounds (and one
        flamethrower) were visible and/or audible outside the PODS room
        during the meeting than during our singing. I will take this to
        mean we weren't too bad.

  IV. Brianna has requested that you:
     A. Visit the official PODS webpage at
     B. Visit the Biographies section
     C. Email her if you would like to include a bio.
                 1. You needn't have come to a recent meeting to send
                    in a bio. If you're on the mailing list, you're a
                    PODling in one way or another :)
                 2. At your own request, you can supply an alias (a
                    nick name) to be used in place of your real name
                    for your bio. This is to protect your identity
                    for whatever reason you may have, and is purely
                    up to you.

   V. Mike tells us that the stork has been replaced by the "Hokey
      Pokey." I guess you had to be there to get the full effect of it.
      Erik also summoned Kosta from the hall outside the PODS room, but
      with a delayed reaction. It was a krazy, krazy night as far as
      chaotic events were concerned.

  VI. Mike is having a party, Wednesday September 18th, in a very large
      house that he is watching for its owner-in-absence. He states
      that you may arrive "any time," and if I had a car I would
      consider testing the limits of just what that means. For
      directions, please email him at:

VII. In a similar note, Alyssa, Cat, and Brianna are having a party in
      their apartment just outside of UConn Storrs campus, next Friday
      beginning at 9pm. A small amount of alcohol is allowed, but if
      you drink you're staying the night. (These house rules were set
      by the two Co-Presidents of PODS and the ex-Secretary but
      is-Webmistress, so I wouldn't mess with them.)

VIII. Mike says, "You Smell Funny."

  IX. Mark, Ben, and Kosta say, "We are spontaneously dancing... now."

After the meeting at the tree concluded, Ben wrote a smiley face on my
notes, and Mark wrote, "MY monkey visits temples in Tibet."

And on that note, I am off to play Warcraft III, and let Erika into my
dorm so she can write her paper.

    Tranquille et bona nox,      Eric

^v^v^This has been an official email from the Secretary of PODSv^v^

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