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Nov. 8, 2001

***THE FOLLOWING is brought to you by your friendly neighbors at UCONN - Dedicated to quality education since 2002. "UConn... We don't suck as much as we could!"***

--PODS Minutes for 11/8--

A. Things Not to Do (soon corrupted into "Things for Nate to do")
1. Take out stadium lights
2. Mow the mall with toenail clippers
3. Steal Tahitian towels
4. Bleep
5. Fix the holes in the ceiling with toothpaste
B. Big Band music on PODS' new CD player
1. Brought to you by Mark ("Mark") and USG ("Useless Stupid Government")
2. Um, I mean, thanks for giving us our money back to let us buy you a CD player...
3. ... Losers.
C. Verboten dissage, censored ex post facto
1. That was my lame 2AM attempt to complete a sentence with thoroughly impressive words.

A. Sewing Nite
1. Sew what?
B. Beltaine Planning, Part One of Many
1. A Date: Friday, April 26 - Sunday, April 28
2. Location:
a. Perhaps at Jon's place in Scotland
i. ... sigh ... Connecticut ...
b. Or somewhere else that is friendly to the following:
i. Camping
ii. Fire
iii. Noise
iv. Rutabagas (i.e. booze, slosh, rotgut, popskull, wishbone, knock the baby, etc.)
v. Public and/or Private Nekkidity
vi. Parking
vii. Boston-based pagans
viii. Drums
ix. Eric the Younger... OK, well, that might be pushing it a bit.
x. Big fire
xi. Maypoles
xii. Other pagans
xiii. Monkeys (trained bathroom and/or helper and/or novice types)
xiv. Pygmies
xv. Etc.
3. Website
a. Nate, along with contacting Boston-type pagans, will set up a website
b. This website, as well as being "smokin" will be a clearinghouse for all sorts of Beltaine "info"
i. Examples of "info" will NOT be provided.
C. Yule Planning, Part One of Many
1. A Date: Friday, December 21st until Saturday, December 22nd.
2. Location: Jill's place and auxiliary sleeping locations at Mike and Hannah's joint
D. Ethanol
1. Attempts to convince Eric the Younger that Ethanol is extremely poisonous
2. Complete and utter failure.
3. PODS declares that ethanol is "Tasty!" and that it "Makes a Great Meal!"
4. PODS dies, unfortunately proving its original point.
5. In a strange twist of fate, Eric lives....
6. ... Loser.
E. Communications to Nate
1. Jess and Kyle will both be back for the holidays.
2. Eric, in turn, will be "away" for the holidays at an "undisclosed" location.
a. Eric does not yet know this, however. Shh...
F. Reserving a Room for Next Semester
1. Mark will do "something" on Weds. AM at 8:30 to get a room for next year.
2. This may include fire.
G. Budget for Next Semester
1. We really need to do this soon, like before the end of classes.
2. As we may need Beltaine "supplies" like water and/or Port-o-Princes, the "kings" of portable toilets
3. And random stuff like sage and ethanol.
H. Yule Brainstorming
1. Ritual: light, dark, etc.
2. All night party, watch the sun rise
a. I volunteer to bring good coffee. Ahh, caffeine.
i. Caffeine is my shepherd; I shall not doze.
It maketh me to wake in green pastures:
It leadeth me beyond the sleeping masses.
It restoreth my buzz.
3. Food is also good. Sorta.
I. Discussions of possible activities for next week
1. Beer, Sex, and Pygmies will not be mentioned here.
2. See how they weren't mentioned? Fancy, huh?

A. November 15: Energy Workshop / Group Healing Nite (Reiki, Massage, etc.)
C. November 29: Full Moon Circle
D. December 6: Yule Planning, Top Secret PODS Elections (pay no attention)
E. December 13: Emergency Yule Planning, if allowed by Student Union

A. A Quote or Two by Eric
1. "I don't know why, but that just reminded me of my pencil."
2. "No... wait... it's my pencil. See?"
C. An Attempt to See George Carlin
1. And to offer to trade him cookies and powerade for his wallet
D. Jail
1. Thanks, Nate, for bailing us out!!!
2. See "Pencil" quote above.
E. Planning a "Ball and Chain Letter"
1. The most depressing email you'll ever get!
2. Why bother passing it along? You're going to get bad luck regardless...

That's just about all. As if it weren't just about enough three pages ago. See you Thursday.

Pax et lux,


***THE PRECEDING has been brought to you by Al Qaeda, the only terrorist network with quilted softness!***