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Jan 24, 2002

'Morning, all,

As I went on about for all too long in my last message, today's meeting was
"unofficial". Note that this distinction is totally irrelevant.

Therefore, here are the minutes, brought to you by your friends at USG's
Secret Beltane Funding Committee (motto: "Beltane Funding? What Beltane

---Minutes for 1/24---

A. Nate is the Chair of the Beltane Planning Committee
1. This Committee is open to all and will meet for the first time on
Sun. Feb. 3 at 8PM in the Rome Commons lobby (a.k.a. South D near the
2. Nate is maintaining a website
(http://www.geocities.com/podsbeltane/) which will have the latest news on
Beltane: locations, events, directions, last year's pictures, etc.
B. 2002 Sites
1. Nate has been talking with people to find a site. They include:
a. Our own Jon Prue who has offered a place in Scotland, CT.
b. A hippie father of one of Hannah's friends whose place is in
Northhampton, MA.
i. Early reports indicate that neighbors are no problem and
there is an outhouse.

A. Full Moon this Monday
1. There has been some discussion of a possible get-together on
Monday for the full moon, weather permitting.
2. Let me know if you are interested and I will keep you informed.
This will probably be a fairly last-minute planned event.
B. Imbolc next Saturday, Feb. 2
1. More details (surprise) to follow.
2. Cat has offered to host it at her place in Manchester.
3. Ritual will probably be fairly spontaneous.
a. Is anyone interested in leading a meditation or something?
C. A Note From Briana:
1. What: Contra-american Folk Dance, English country dancing and
Scottish country dancing
2. When: Sunday Jan 27, 2:00-5:00
3. Where: Sage Hall, 205 Prospect St, Yale School of Forestry and
Environmental Studies
4. Cost: $2.00
5. All dances taught and demonstrated, live music and refreshments
6. This takes place in New Haven on Yale campus. I'm going, hope to
see some of you guys there too! :)

A. Budget
1. Items include:
a. Beltane supplies: tarp, ribbons, tents, buckets, lantern,
b. Funding speakers: Fairies, Tarot/Wiccanism, Reiki, Chaos
Magic (Nate), Stuff (Mike, Hannah, Mark)
2. Greg, our most handsome current treasurer, is investigating what
needs to be done to get money
a. Calling Tim, our most handsome past treasurer, is a big part
of this.
3. James, our itinerant, CSE-majoring, treasurer-in-absentia, will
be calling Greg and begging to help.
B. Stuff we're going to do but don't know when, necessarily
1. Shielding Lessons (Nate and Mike)
2. Divination Nite
3. Mythology: Celtic and Native American (Erika, Briana, Mike, etc.)
4. Egg-dyeing with the Christians
5. Arthurian Legends (Me, Cat, Nate, Greg, Briana, and other
INTD220/PODS folks)
6. Beltane Planning (but hopefully very minimally on Thursdays...)
7. Various speakers
8. Plants and Herbology (Erika)
C. Briana is taking charge of putting together / copying posters.
1. Stay tuned as to when we're going to put them up...

IV. UPCOMING OFFICIAL PODS MEETINGS (all SU386, 7PM or earlier to whenever)
A. January 31: Official Semester Planning
B. February 7: Shielding (by Nate and Mike)
C. And so forth...