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Sept. 6, 2001

A. A lack of craziness. Must be the moon on the wane.
B. A crazy card from my Made in India tapestries.
1. "Hand printed this product is printed traditionally by hand
normal flaws are not defects but natural charateristics (sic) of this hand
2. I decide that the defects are due to poor quality control rather
than "traditional hand printing".

A. Called to order at 7:05PM exactly.
1. Jill did not attend, thereby preserving the continuity of the
universe by having only one of the co-presidents at each meeting.
Supposedly, Jill's car is to blame. Must be American...
B. No centering/grounding exercise was performed.
1. We dodged a bullet, however, since Swedish Fish only came up
once, and then only briefly.
C. Announcements
1. Connecticut Pagan Pride Day will be September 29th. An event of
some sort will be held then in Westport (CT).
a. It was discovered that although many members had heard of
Westport, none knew exactly where it was. Our closest guess was "Fairfield
County, near New Haven".
b. Mark has been in contact with the state organizer for this
event, who has offered to come in to speak to us about it. Mark will
finalize exactly when that will happen.
c. For more information, visit www.ctpaganpride.org
2. Thanks to Tigerlily, we once again have a website.
a. It is looking very very cool... so, visit it at
b. She still needs member bios, pictures, a club history, and
whatever. If you have anything, email it to her. Her email address is on the "Contact Us" page.
3. A letter from Jess in China was read aloud as well as transmitted
via email. If you still need a copy, contact me (daniel.liska@uconn.edu).
4. The meeting paused as Nate enters the room, followed shortly by
Tim, both to great acclaim.

A. Planning
1. September 13th's meeting will be taught by Mike. The subject
matter will be "Hermetic Theory and Magic". Come one, come all. SU386,
Thursday 9/13, 7PM, as usual.
2. September 20th's meeting will be some sort of Mabon Event,
probably a woods-based campfire, food-type products, and a circle or
something. More planning next week after we make sure the woods haven't
been the latest victim of UConn 2000... stay tuned.
B. The PODS Treasury
1. Tim has finally gotten wise and resigned as Treasurer. Bully
2. Somewhat to her chagrin, Tigerlily has been proclaimed by the PODS
legions as Treasurer. However, Mike and Cat and Tim and others have offered
to help out. What good sports they are...
3. It's time to pay the optional $5 dues into the official PODS
slush fund. As the treasury situation is still fuzzy, make sure you get a
receipt from whomever you pay the dues to. I've heard that Tigerlily was
checking airfares to Swahili...

IV. ACTUAL DISCUSSION: "What is Spirituality"
A. A very nice and interesting discussion, with members introducing
themselves and their backgrounds and generally complaining about their
parents. Such is life. Topics covered included the dichotomy between
religion and spirituality, the concept of a deity, and random stuff like
B. If you missed it, oh, well, sucks to be you.

A. A visit to The Monteith Tree, where a good time was had by all.
B. A visit to South A, where my room was collectively disbelieved.
C. General dispersal.

1. Thu. Sept. 13: "Hermetic Theory and Magic" lecture (SU386 @ 7PM)
2. Thu. Sept. 20: Mabon Event (meeting place TBA, time probably 7PM)
3. Thu. Sept. 27: Hopefully not another election for Treasurer.