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Mar 14, 2002

Howdy all,
Yep, that's not a typo.  Enjoy.
---PODS Minute for 3/14---
    A. Candle Making was postponed due to warmth and nice weather.  We went instead to The Hill and stood around enjoying ourselves.
---That Was Your PODS Minute for 3/14---
Here's some other important information (and unimportant things people made me write)...
---PODS Other (Not So) Important Information for 3/14---
    A. The Daily Campus covered the meeting on Wednesday.
        1. This means one of two things:
            a. There is only support for the development (bars, restaurants, etc.)
            b. The meeting was cancelled and the article was total fiction.
    B. Possible Action
        1. Action is possible.  There's really no one else behind us, though...
    A. John Tibbetts, being the ninth person to enter the room, was requested to strip.
    B. To almost unanimous disappointment, he did not do so.
    A. They're not dead, but we had a great number (3) of Past PODS Presidents (PPP) at the meeting.
        1. For those of you keeping track, they were Jill (1), Nate (2), and Mark (Q).
        2. Unfortunately (for us) Jess and Kyle are in China for a week, preventing us from reaching 5 PPP.
        3. And speaking of which, where's Hal?
---That Was Your PODS Other (Not So) Important Information for 3/14---
---Upcoming PODS Meetings As Of 3/14---
    A. March 21: SPRING BREAK.  Go Away.
    B. March 28: Egg-Dyeing with the Christians and maybe a full moon circle (SU386, 7PM)
    A. April 4: TBD (Bernard Cornwell, author of historical fiction, is scheduled to speak in the late afternoon / evening)
        1. I'll try to keep everyone posted as I learn of things. 
            a. Contact the Honors office (486-4223) for the latest info.
            b. It's in connection with the Interdisciplinary Arthur course, if they don't know what you're talking about.
        2. However, I'll be in England with Cat and Amanda and Julie and some of the Arthur folks until March 31st.
            a. So you won't see minutes from me for 3/28.
            b. And you may not see anything else from me for a while, depending on jet lag...
    B. April 11, 18: TBD (7PM, SU386)
        1. Something will probably be going on.  Maybe the postponed candle making.
    C. April 25: Final Emergency Beltane Planning Meeting (7PM, SU386)
    D. April 26-28: BELTANE (have you signed up for your vacation time yet?)
    A. May 2: Elections and Stuff
---Those Were Your Upcoming PODS Meetings As Of 3/14---
OK. I'm done now.  Actually, I was done quite a long time ago.  I noticed you noticing...