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Mar 28, 2002

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 Wunderbar! Ich ben deina mench der Minuten der ... ah I don't remember
that much German...

 This is your happy minutes for March 28. I am Eric the Younger, Master
of the List in absence of Dan, the monkey who decided to do HIS minutes in  blind-carbon-copy format, denying me the ability to get the full list we
are currently sending to.... SOOOOOO, if you are getting this and don't want
to, I am sorry, yell at Dan when he gets back from yet another global


    Well if you wazzn't there, this is what your sorry poocheeks missed:

 1)  Mythological Members Attended:
    Mark, Kyle and Jess have continued their winning streak of appearing.
 Last week Eric the Elder showed up. We're waiting on other mythological
 Podlings such as Monissa or Spooky to wander in from beyond UConn, but
so far these two seem to be the only ones who are still shackled to the Student Union.

 2) Waiting for the Intervarsity Christian Peeps
     We didn't wait toooo long. Pagan standard time assures everyone who
is going to come to a meeting would come before 8:30, which just so happens
to be the time the Christians down the hall decided to let us dye some eggz
with them.
     a) We had fun
     b) There was good food
         i) It was my dinner
        ii) Thank you for letting me run off with the leftover soda,
cookies and popcorn
     c) Apparently there were several Christian-initiated discussions on
 matters of beliefs. They were all civil, no fights broke out I could
see. I had the pleasure of holding such a conversation with one Patrick. I hope
 was not an unsuccessful attempt at conquering our far inferior numbers into
 their vast ranks. Didn't seem like it to me. Patrick and I talked about dinosaurs.
     d) Matt was not afraid of the Christians :)
     e) Alyssa dyed eggs in the double-digit ranges. There were no bare
eggs left unpainted!
    f) Some talk was going around about an increase in the general
 in egg-art. This should not be paid any attention, for inside the concept is
 a virus that will melt your monitor, make your hard-drive smash through your computer and fly to the moon, and your hair to go anime-style.
     e) Both the Podlings and the Christians both proclaimed, and I
quote, "I
think this has turned out to be the best egg-dying yet!" 9.95 out of 10
people who said that agree.

    3) In case any of you were wondering, though a full moon was in effect
that night and there was pre-event talk of wandering out to do something
because of it, none of these plans took place in any public or organized
manner. Unless someone went out alone to admire her beauty, the plans didn't happen at all.
       a) I promise you I am NOT keeping the chill factor on in spite of it
being almost April. If its any consolation, I can't go trail riding with my
bike if its frosty like this. This weather is certified Eric Untainted, USDA
Approved. However if it gets to be about mid April and its still too cold to
walk around outside at night for more than an hour, I will start considering
to do something about it. Yell at me or prod me as you wish, I've tried not
 to do any weather working since October.
      b) No I have not decided if I am going to do anything to get it warm for
Beltane. I'm hoping I won't have to. We'll see.
That's about all. The rest of the evening that I saw took place in Matt's
dorm. If you'd like to know more about the "Matt is Cousin Itt" episode or
the "Why is Eric's Tounge on Fire" incident, I'd be happy to let you borrow
the copy of PODS: ON CD as soon as I get the blasted thing burned (no pun
intended. note how I didn't use "bloody" instead of "blasted" for those of
you who are in England.)
We will now return you to your regularly scheduled Dan, already on his
way to the States.
Temp-Sec Delta Alpha Paga POD,
E-Bomb the Younger

And now a word from our sponsor:
This is Tony Blair, of the United Kingdom. We have your Secretary,
safe, and cared for. He will be returned to you once we extract his
Minutes-writing genius from his intellectual cortex. His vast and unmatched
capabilities for endless scribblings which keep you entertained
throughout the semester are very valuable to us. We will distribute copies of this
wisdom to foreign nations once we are through the extraction phase at a
modest price: one chocolate sacrificial bunny. We expect you will not
interfere with our work.
M.C. Blairanator

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