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Apr 4, 2002

Hello again all,
It's sort of good to be back on this side of the Atlantic.  Well, at least in the driving-on-the-right-side-of-the-road and bathrooms-are-bathrooms-or-restrooms-and-not-toilets-or-loos-or-washrooms ways. 
I see that Eric the Half-Elven has filled in for me in my absence and, encouraged by his apparent success, nominated himself for Secretary (as well as President) next fall. 
If I can say nothing else, let me at least congratulate Eric on being the earliest candidate ever in the history of PODS to nominate himself for office.  Usually we don't get candidates until after they're already elected (in meetings at which they are not present).  Regardless, bully job, Eric!
Well, here is my latest attempt to conquer futility and arrange the scattered, shredded, unattached threads of this evening's meeting into some sort of recognizable outline format.  Enjoy and try not to aspirate whatever you're eating.
---PODS Minutes for 4/4---
    A. Those of us who went to see him speak were rather pleased.  He's quite a funny chap.  And he repeatedly called the French "frogs" which, needless to say, many of us found moderately amusing.
    A. Site
        1. Devil's Hopyard State Park
            a. Alcohol is allowed for people over 21.
            b. A separate "rutabaga site" will be provided for those who wish to drink.
            c. It has been requested that those who BYOB should limit themselves to "no more than they can comfortably conceal on your person."
                i. I am not going to touch THAT set-up with a ten foot pole.  Or an eleven foot lithuanian.
    B. Money
        1. Nate is collecting the money ($20 per attendee)
        2. Your RSVP is your money.  Therefore, you are not going until you give Nate the $$$.
        3. The DEADLINE for money is Thursday, Apr. 25th so food, etc. may be purchased.
        4. The $20 includes site fees and meals all weekend.
    C. Carpools
        1. Carpools must be arranged.
    D. Schedule
        1. Friday: arrive noon-6PM, have dinner, do "stuff"
        2. Saturday and Sunday were not discussed though I assume they will have a schedule.  I will guess the following:
            a. Saturday: wake up, eat, do "stuff", eat, nap, "stuff", eat, ritual, spontaneous dancing (9:48-10:34PM), sleep
            b. Sunday: wake up, eat, sacrifice chocolate bunny, leave
    E. Activities (i.e. "stuff")
        1. Contest for May King and Queen
            a. All sorts of interesting contests (13 to be exact) have been discussed and/or planned
            b. These contests run the gamut from Bocce to Boffers, from Neck Oranges to Necking, from Storytelling to Sexy Dancing
            c. Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Those who need to reach me may use the following address:
                i. Dan the Secretary, McMurdo Station, Ross Island, Antarctica
            d. Those who simply want to taunt me may use the following address:
                i. Dan the Secretary, c/o Osama bin Laden, Big Cave No. 1, Nowheresville, Pakistan
    F. Ritual
        1. We brainstormed ideas for the ritual and turned the actual planning over to the Pagan Organization for Diverse Spirituality Beltane Planning Committee (PODSBPC), Field Marshal Nathan Boltseridge cmdg.
    A. When
        1. Saturday night (4/6) [6PMish] to Sunday morning (4/7) [morningish]
    B. Where
        1. Kyle and Jess' Place, 58 Lakeview Ave., Salem, CT 06420 [ph. 860-859-1033]
        2. After much (much too much) debate, the following directions were provided:
            a. Take Rt. 32 South towards Willimantic.  Drive a ways.
            b. Take a LEFT onto Rt. 6 West.  Drive a ways.
            c. Stay STRAIGHT as this turns into Rt. 66.  Drive a ways.
                i. If you cannot stay straight, Nate has anticipated your plight.
                ii. Contact him for a copy of "Nate's Directions for Queers" (nate_the_great@geeklife.com)
            d. In the general Hebron area, turn RIGHT onto Rt. 85.  Drive a ways.
            e. In the general Colchester area, STAY ON Rt. 85 by FOLLOWING THE SIGNS.
                i. At the "T" take a left and then go around the green.  Then drive a ways.
                ii. If you find yourself in New York, you've made a wrong turn.  Sorry.
            f. Take a LEFT onto Rt. 354.  Drive a ways.
            g. Take a LEFT onto Rt. 82.  DO NOT DRIVE A WAYS!
            h. Take AN IMMEDIATE LEFT (your first) onto Lakeview Ave.
            g. LOOK for balloons which indicate parking (on your RIGHT).
            h. PULL INTO likely parking spot.
            i. SHIFT into park.  SET parking brake.
            j. TURN car OFF.
            k. GET OUT of car.
            l. GO towards house (indicated by lights and large quantities of people.
            m. HAVE fun.
                i. If this will include alcohol, Kyle has requested that you bring some along to add to the amount already provided.
                ii. As usual, non-quality items will result in your summary execution or at least ridicule.
Whaddeva.  See you sometime.  Or not.  But don't say I didn't invite you...

UKonn Pagan Orkanization vor Diwerse Zpirituality (USSR)
Ewery Tursday, Studint Union 386, 7PM
Ko-Presidints: Kat Brennan and Briana Benn
     (maenightmist@aol.com) and (starflowermlp@hotmail.com)
Ko-Treasurers: Gregor Eburn and Ivan Veingart
   (Gregory.Eburn@uconn.edu) and (mendon@excite.com)
Sekretary: Boris "Iron Liver" Yeltsin (Daniel.Liska@uconn.edu)