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Oct. 11, 2001

Happy Friday all,

Just noticed that 10/11/01 is the same backwards and forwards. Isn't there a term for that? Hyperbole? Anarchy? Dromedary? Hippodrome? Omphaloskepsis? Something like that... Let me know if you happen to remember. I can't recall and it's driving me nuts. Anyway...
Yesterday's "Open Conference" seemed to go rather well. As it turned out, it was more of a PODS informational meeting with free pizza than any sort of conference. Of course, this was probably due to the insane amounts of old and new PODSlings who showed up, with a total of fifteen new members on the minutes list. Ja! Ve 'ope to zee you all in ze coming veeks...

There's not really much to say in terms of new business... or even old business, for that matter. Next week's "Candlemaking" workshop has been indefinitely posponed in favor of planning PODS' Samhain activities (carpools to the MIT circle on Sunday, October 28th; our Nov. 1 "Samhain Feast"; possible random Oct. 31 activities - it is, after all, the full moon as well; and such). Again, watch for details next week or show up and find out sooner :).

Mark has submitted our first semester budget, which had as its sole item a portable CD/tape player mostly for meeting music and meditations. Rumor has it that a second semester budget is in the planning stages, to include such items as drums, sidewalk chalk, another thirteen pounds of flax seed, etc. Let one of us 'officers' know if you have any ideas. Then, let us know again, since it's fair to assume we lost the first suggestion somewhere between the ear and brain. You know how we officers are...

The post-meeting Monteith-Tree-Energy Circle was a good time for all, with the usual amounts of post-energy running-around-type antics and frequent-overuse of hy-phen-s. Go-figure.

Well, I think that's just about it for now. The revised list of activities for the rest of the semester is below (and on our excellent webpage at http://uconnpods.tripod.com). Enjoy.

Oh, and if you're wondering, I consulted my dictionary and "omphaloskepsis" is the "contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation". Now THERE'S something to remember.




(All are in SU386 at 7PM unless you hear differently. Watch this space for updates.):

Oct. 18: Samhain Planning (note change from "Candlemaking")
Oct. 25: Divination Nite - Activities and Discussion
Nov. 1: Samhain Feast and such
[11/2 - 11/4 sometime: Camping? To be discussed shortly if we decide to do it.]
Nov. 8: Sewing Nite
Nov. 15: Storytelling Nite
Nov. 29: Preliminary Yule and Beltane planning meeting
Dec. 6: "Religious Round Table" Discussion with other campus religious organizations
Dec. 13: Probable Emergency Yule planning meeting
[YULE, probably somewhere around the end of exams and/or Dec. 21st]