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Oct. 18, 2001

Morning all,

Here are everybody's favorite PODS minutes for 10/18. Just an aside... if you happen to know of any OTHER PODS minutes for 10/18, let me know. Thanks. I think I'll use the old "outline form" for minutes. I haven't done that in a while. If you don't like it, tough.

A. Plans to take down the field house lights
1. Still in planning. Stay tuned.
B. PODS Budget
1. Budget one (a CD player) is in and it looks good for approval.
C. PODS War Activities
1. "Assassin" was proposed but quickly killed.
2. Paintball was suggested as an alternative.
3. Nate invited PODSlings to the "Dork Squad's" "boffer weapon" "fight".
a. It will be held this Saturday (Oct. 20) from 1 to 6 PM.
b. With a touch of flair, they've reserved the Student Union Mall for this insanity. Bravo!
c. Bring your boffer weapons (padded PVC medieval weapons) if you have them.
d. Wear comfortable clothing, especially good shoes. Nudity is allowed but strongly discouraged.
e. Saturday's Storrs forecast is for sun and some clouds, with a high around 64.
f. Winds will be from the west at around 10 to 15 mph.
i. This is not considering the "UConn" wind factor, which means the actual wind experienced on campus will be 50 to 60 mph.
ii. Go ahead, just try to get nekkid. The wind chill'll have you... well, never mind.

A. MIT Circle (Sunday, October 28)
1. Circle begins at around 8PM.
2. We will be carpooling.
a. The assembly point has been set as the circle between South A and South B on Sunday at 10AM.
i. Let me know if you need directions to South A. However, I will give you directions to Guilford.
b. Nate can take three other people and Aimee can take another eight.
i. I.E., if you want to go, RSVP to Nate ASAP or else you'll be SOL.
ii. Nate can be reached via email at nate_the_great@geeklife.com
B. Halloween itself (Wednesday, October 31)
1. No one has agreed on anything official. I am more than willing to put something unofficial together if anyone's interested. Scaring frat boys would be satisfying, I must say.
C. Samhain (Thursday, November 1, probably 7PM start)
1. I am investigating the possibility of holding our food/movie/hanging out portion of this evening at the Honors House. Tigerlily is checking out the Hilltop Apartments' Community Center as a backup. More details to follow.
2. Discussions about food have been left to next week.
3. Find ritual planning notes below.

III. UCONN SAMHAIN RITUAL PLANNING (read this if you've signed up, don't if you want to be surprised)
A. Purification and Procession
1. Nate, Jill, and I will go out to the Hill or wherever early to purify the ground.
2. Jill (our MC) will go back to the group when we're done and lead them in a procession to the circle.
3. There will be candles, drums, chanting, and rhythm (thanks to John)
4. As people enter the circle, Nate and I will purify them.
5. Then Nate and I will act as guardians: one inside the circle, one outside.
B. Energy Raising and Spontaneous Dancing #1
C. Call Corners
1. N: Kate, S: Hollie; W: Aimee; E: Kat; C: Mike
D. God and Goddess Ritual
1. Eric and Alyssa will portray Mr. Winter and Ms. Summer in a changing of places ritual
2. Reggie Jackson will reprise his role as Mr. October
E. Day of the Dead Ritual
1. A time for individuals to reach out to the Otherworld for whatever reason
F. Guided Meditation
1. A time for wishing and working magic under the full moon
G. Spontaneous Dancing #2 (Spiral Dance to the Moon)
H. Closing Circle
1. Dismiss corners (all those who called them)
2. Jill wraps up and grounds everyone (with NO TV!)
I. Everyone goes back to wherever we're meeting and has fun and food
1. Spontaneous Dancing #3 (at approximately 10:47)

IV. NEXT WEEK (SU386, 10/25, 7PM)
A. Divination Nite (bring your favorite divination tools: tarot, runes, tea leaves, crystal balls, entrails, etc.)
B. Also, we will be finishing up planning for Samhain activities (including food for Nov. 1) and
C. We will be learning chants for Nov. 1.

A. It was shocking. Really. Watch for the JPGs to come out soon...

Love, light, and omigoddess, it's 3:26AM. I'm going to bed.

Good night,