PODS Minutes
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A. Determination of the likelihood of various people showing up at the meeting.
1. Nate = A = 40%
2. Hannah = B = .82A(8:00)^[Muffin]
3. Eric the half-bee = C = 50%
4. Alyssa = D = .82|C|
5. Hal = E = IBM
6. Tim's Lizard Hat = F = 74%
7. Tim = G = .95F

II. ACTUAL MEETING (at 7:05 PM exactly)
A. Welcome, Intro, and Disclaimers
1. Welcome
2. Intro
a. We are PODS
3. Disclaimers
a. We really don't want to upset anyone...
b. ...ever.
c. Stay away from Mark when he's on doughnuts

B. New Format Overview
1. Meetings will start at exactly 7:05 PM on the dot. NOT ON PAGAN STANDARD TIME!
2. Meetings will begin with a quick grounding/centering/focusing exercise to keep the members from flying off the wall or talking about Swedish Fish for hours.
3. Meetings will then proceed to "Old Business" where the officers get the exalted privilege of addressing the group, or at least attempting not to drool on the attendance list.
4. Next: New Business. Surprisingly self-explanatory.
5. At exactly 7:34PM on the dot, we will proceed to the scheduled mandatory spontaneous fun and dancing.
a. Note: mandatory dancing is optional.

C. Tonight's Old and/or New and/or Leftover and/or Takeout Business
1. Tigerlily will serve as our Webmistress, assuming that we can give her any information to webinate/webicize/weblish. If Nate is reading this, he should assume that that means him. We want the website back, you slacker!
2. Mark's Room (South A303) is always open (especially after meetings and during hurricanes/tropical storms) for PODSlings to stop by, hang out, drink his soda, eat his food, take his computer, tape him to the wall, etc. My room (South A317) is also open, but I charge admission.
3. Our budget is due shortly/soon/ASAP/pronto/ex post facto/quid pro quo/senate populusque romanus/etc. If you have any great ideas, send them to Jill (aslans_way@hotmail.com) or Mark (shadowclimber@hotmail.com) or, while we're at it, Tim (timdawg101@hotmail.com) or myself (daniel.liska@uconn.edu). Keep in mind that any suggestions sent to me are subject to public ridicule. Well, not really, but I can pretend.
4. Somehow, we still have a locker, thank [insert name of favorite divinity or spirit or odd-type person here]. In the locker, there are books you can check out if you want. You must also bring them back, or Vinnie and Luigi will be paying a painful visit to your house, if you get my drift.
5. We discussed possible activities for the semester and decided a few:
a. Next Thursday's meeting (Sept. 6, 7PM / SU386 as always) will be a discussion on "What is Spirituality?" Bring your friends. Bring your enemies. Bring yourself. Bring Elmo. Whatever.
b. Possible future topics include astronomy (NOT astrology), Full Moon stuff, celebrations (Mabon, Samhain, Yule) and the like. If you have any ideas, see the instructions in #3 above.
c. We will be making posters for next Thursday today (Friday Aug. 31) in Mark's room (South A303, 7-3273) at 1PM and in Eric's room (South B403, 7-2598) at 7PM. Be there.
d. We will be putting up posters and having a ***FULL MOON CIRCLE*** on Monday (Labor Day, Sept. 3). We will be meeting in the South A courtyard (on the South quad side) at 7PM.
6. Cat Brennan will serve as our Poster Girl for the year. She must not have been feeling well, seeing as she volunteered. Hope you feel better!!

A. Wandering up to the Hill
1. Spontaneous sitting around (8:24-8:47)
B. Wandering back to South A
1. Whales exploding.
2. Muppet puppets.
3. Downhill from there.

A. UPCOMING ACTIVITIES (see above for more info)
1. Friday (today), Aug. 31: Poster-Making @ 1PM and 7PM
2. Monday, Sept. 3: Poster-Posting and Full Moon Circle @ 7PM
3. Thursday, Sept. 6: "What is Spirituality" @ 7PM
4. Friday, Sept. 14: Spontaneous spontaneity @ 3:32AM
5. Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2004: Our only chance to vote Bush out of office
6. Wednesday, May 13, 2009: "Death of A Salesman" @ 8PM