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Nov 14, 2002

NEXT MEETING: I believe Jess may be up to doing Reiki. If this changes, I
will send out a notice to that end. Otherwise, refer to the copious other
mailings I did for the upcoming Reiki session for what to bring and what
to know/expect.

THE MEETING AFTER: Eat yourself to pieces, and sleep for 48 hours
afterwards. Repeat.

THIS PAST MEETING: Mike did his Low Magick course. The following are some
notes I took from his lecture:

- The Greeks divided magick into two parts, high and low. Low magick
concerns itself more with wishes, hopes, and acting out things you wished
to have happen, like a rain dance. High magick not only caused more
amazing feats, it also used a higher connection with a higher power, it
involved the development of a connection with the target of your working,
and other such things/energies/wills.

- Daggers in a ritualistic sense correspond with air, as wands correspond
to fire, symbols like the pentacle with earth, and a chalice of water
corresponds with water (duh). These things, as well as particualr phases
of the moon, should be considered when consecrating a ritual tool.
Consecrating something is considered to be an act of low magick.

Two recipes can be found after this closing...

So I am closing...

That's it for now, tune in next time, yadda yadda yadda...


by Mike, scribbled by Eric

A. To alleviate indigestion, stomach cramps, and ulcers:
   1) Licorice root in a pot of water should be distilled in bright
   sunlight for a length of time
   2) Boil the water with the licorice root in it until you have an
   industrial-strength tea
   3) Strain out licorice
   4) Add a pound of honey (read: a lot of honey)
   5) Strain out licorice
   6) Take a spoonful of this stuff in the morning and another at night
   7) You will become nausious... so don't do this and go to a dinner

B. Lust fluid
    1) To be made when the moon is going from new to full
    2) Distill water in the sun for three days
    3) Put a crystal that you like in the water
    4) Leave this in the sun in the water for a few days during this
    period of the moon's cycle
    5) Add about 2 rose petals given to you preferably by your "target of
    6) Add apple juice and red wine
    7) Grind up the crystal. Mike suggests a 5-pound sledge.
    8) Add honey
    9) Add an appropriate herb (Kyle suggests Damiana, Colt's Foot,
    Rosemary, Eccinasia, Dragon's Blood, or a VERY SMALL AMOUNT of
    10) Boil it all down. If you stay in the room, you will become *very*
    11) Bottle it up after straining out the bits
    12) Can be used as a scent if watered down
    13) Will only last until next new moon (will smell like stale, dried
    blood if you really want to try)

Recommended reading: Celestial Seasonings' book on medicinal herbalism

PODS recommends getting a medicinal herb book if you wish to dabble with
any magickal or medicinal herbal concoctions. If you wish to do it
regularly, consult a professional in the field of herbalism. Herbs can be
dangerous, some are poisionous, and are not always marked as such. Know
your herbs before you use them.

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