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Sept 12, 2002

For your PODS pleasure
I present:

::and the podlings said, "yeay"::

I. Mabon Ritual (in fairly chronological order)
    1. Mike and Kyle miraculously appeared at the site before myself,
    dan, Mark, Alyssa, Amanda and Tibbs did.
    2. Mike and Kyle set up the ritual space, the camp fire, and the
    fire wood.
    3. Amanda began preparing the "Liquid Apple Pie"
    4. I paced around, knowing nothing abour "Liquid Apple Pie" or
    properly starting fires. (Though I do now know how to properly
    start a fire a la observing Kyle)
    5. Communicating with Alyssa, who by this time was in the PODS room
    getting all things over there together, we made appropriate
    scheduling for their arrival.
    6. The PODlings en masse arrived at the parking lot by the
    Mexican-looking church by Buckley.
    7. The procession to the pre-prepared site, with pre-lit bonfire
    burning, began just before 8pm.
    8. Dan smudged persons with Sage to enter the sacred space
    9. I led people through the dark wood as needed
    10. I posted myself on a fallen tree as Guardian. Ritual began.

II. Ritual Proper (still in chrono. order)
    1. Corners were called. Kyle - East. Mike - South. Mark - West. Dan
    - North. Amanda - Center. That is an approximate recollection, not
    to be considered pure fact.
    2. New members were asked to step further into the circle, turn to
    face the older members, kneel, and be welcomed into PODS and into
    the circle.
    3. Chanting about four chants simultaneously was attempted, and
    concluded. It was decided that limiting simo chants to two,
    possibly three, would be best in the future.
    4. The Goddess chant proceeded afterwards. I noted that it echoed
    off the moonlit trees. It was quite nice.
    5. A nice guided meditation was led by Erik the Elder. Playing
    guardian, listening isn't a good idea, hence the brief description.
    6. Corners were dismissed.

III. Celebration Time
    1. "Liquid Apple Pie" as prepared by Amanda. This is apple cider,
    warmed, and spiced. It literally tastes like great apple pie.... in
    liquid form. Mmm, mmm good.
    2. Wicked nice bread was passed for munching, as well as apples.
    Shortly thereafter, we were further fattened up with another loaf
    of bread, of a different model (but not make).
    3. Spontaneously Scheduled Dancing actually took place
    spontaneously and sporadically, and not even by all present. It was
    a PODS first. I silently rejoyced.
    4. People stayed around and chatted for a while. I orbitted the
    general public, as a few people began to trickle away to their
    respective sleeping facilities.

IV. That was fun
    1. The five or six of us proceeded to make sure everything was
    taken care of before we left. 
    2. A few of us tended to the dying of the fire. After a while I
    determined that too many feet stir the sparks, so I remained until
    the last ember was dark.
    3. Those who were left proceeded to the parking receptacle, where
    Alyssa and I departed to our respective sleeping facilities, Mark
    and Dan perhaps went to the hill for a moon gazing happy time, and
    Mike I believe went off to home, as did Kyle, whom I don't remember
    if he was there at the end.
    3. I had to make a double number, I've been trying not to all this
    time. Now I feel relieved.

    1. Their landlords, quoteth Alyssa, "Have become death nazis" and
    have decided to charge guests for parking space.
    2. As such, Friday night, persons wishing to arrive at this party
    should park at W Lot.
    3. I assume Alyssa, Cat, and/or Brianna will be the ones who will
    shuttle guests to the apartment as they described would happen.
    4. Please email either Alyssa, Cat, or Brianna for further
    information. I would give out the number to the apartment, but I
    don't have it, and Alyssa is careful about too many people having
    her cell digits.
    4. A ha... I have done it again.

That's about it folks. Erika is complaining about my longwindedness, so
I will take a poll:

   Do you want me to include more information in my minutes?
   Do you want me to include the same amount in my minutes?
   Do you want me to include more information in my minutes?

Please email me with your request should this matter to you. If it
doesn't, well, that's democratic too.

^v^v^This has been an official email from the Secretary of PODSv^v^

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