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Oct 10, 2002

You know, that's almost binary code. 10102000

PODS MINUTES for 10.10.2000

I. MIT Circle
    A. NEXT MEETING we will be sending around a signup sheet, requesting
    the names and contact info of those seeking to go to the MIT circle
    on the 26th.
    B. We will also be organizing carpools between those with cars and
    those with a need for transportation next meeting.
    C. Directions to the MIT circle will be forthcoming for those who are
    driving and going up on their own.

II. Tonight's meeting
    A. We were planning on having one of our fellow PODlings give a talk
    on Druidism.
    B. The UConn Drama Department swallowed our Druid.
    C. There was no in-depth Druidic discussion to be had.
    D. However, our recurring saviours of PODS plots, Mike, Kyle, Jess,
    and Mark, gave us enough support to do something else: tell myths and
    E. In addition, one of our new PODlings started it all off with a bit
    of Celtic lore.
    F. Lore from Celts, Norse, Native American, and more were shared.
    G. It was good.

    A. Jill may be giving a talk on the history and nature of Samhain.
    When this is confirmed, I will make that knowledge common.
    B. See part I.

IV. Suggestions for Pagan Movie Night are few and far between. Currently
we have the following ideas kicking around:
    A. Dragnet. No, this wasn't suggested by a PODling, but he did think
    it was an amusing movie for us. Especially because of P.A.G.A.N.
    B. Some kind of strange cartoon designed to teach adolecent teens
    about sex. This includes such odd clips like two cats on a blanket
    rubbing up against each other. I leave you to make your own comment
    on this :)
    C. The Craft. I don't care if its controvercial, I like it.
    D. Other than Sec. C, we're apparently in for a wacky night of

V. Odd concepts derived from this meeting:
     A. Coyotes may find certain solitary teeth erotic.
     B. The Hokey-Pokey has been replaced by two cats rubbing together.

Very well. Your moment of zen for the evening:

Two men in their 50's or 60's standing on the side of a street corner,
laughing loudly, continuously, and obnoxiously, while looking around,
about nothing in particular.

                      Tranquille et bona nox,


^v^v^This has been an official email from the Secretary of PODSv^v^

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