PODS Minutes 2002-2003


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Oct 17, 2002


I. Budget
   A. The following will be turned in as funding request items by the All
   Powerful Erika:
           1. Camp Stove
           2. Drums
           3. Reacher claws/garbage claws (those things that have a
           trigger at one end, a claw thing at the other, and a rod in
           the middle)
           4. Cast Iron Cooking Supplies
           5. A Pony
           6. Craftwise
           7. Playwright Festival (mayhaps for next semester's budget...
           is an idea being tossed in and around)
           8. Pegasis
           9. A Dragon
           10. A Griffin
   B. The following items are things USG will not pay for:
           1. Food
           2. Gas
           3. Campsite fees
           4. A pony
           5. Pegasis
           6. A Dragon
           7. A Griffin
           8. Bennu (too friggn cool to be purchaseable. Das Phoenix ist
           mad sexxay)

     A. The following two dates are for two talks we have scheduled
           1. November 7th: Reiki I with Jessica
           2. November 21st: Drumming with Kyle
     B. The Thursday between is currently free. Do I smell a possible
     movie night date?
     C. The dates in Sec. II pt B should be entered into the website (AKA
     Tigerlily, could you add these dates?)

      A. We have concluded that we will have enough cars available that
      everyone can find a car when we leave to ride in
      B. If you want to go to the circle, BE IN S LOT (THE PARKING LOT
      YOU WILL PROBABLY BE LEFT BEHIND. We have no idea how many people
      will show up, so be sure you get there before ten to make sure you
      get on a transportation device. NOTE: My Goblin Glider will not be
      available for passengers.
      D. Bring quarters for tolls.
      E. Drivers who are reimbursed for gas money will smile more and
      drive happier.

IV. Playwriting Festival
       A. If you like the following idea, tell Amanda. This is her
       brainchild, and would like to see it come to fruition.
       B. Originates from Athens, Greece
       C. Bunch of people write a bunch of short plays
       D. Bunch more people perform plays on the day of the festival
       E. Sounds groovy, tis entertaining, and goes along well with the
       general "fun" thing

V. Jillian's Talk about Samhain's Celtic Roots
       A. Samhain was (and is) the polar opposite of Beltane
       B. Samhain is to dormancy as Beltane is to awakening
       C. Samhain was not thought of as being sacred or profane
       D. The word Samhain means an end or weakening of summer
       E. It used to last for either 3 days and 3 nights or 3 days before
       and 3 days after the day of Samhain; it was either 6 or 7 days
       F. Attendance was mandatory for all members of the tribe, and was
       only excused on account of dishonor, illness, or death
       G. Attendees were seated according to rank around the tribe's king
       H. These days were spent drinking (heavily), eating, partying,
       recording the history of the tribe, performing plays, reciting,
       refreshing, and updating the tribe's laws, and also as a military
        I. NO WEAPONS were allowed. Even the military.
       J. They drank A LOT. 100 tubs of EACH ALCOHOL DRINK were supplied,
       and, used.
       K. The drinking of beer and the eating of pork was thought to
       bring you closer to immortality
       L. Samhain was about the light of the spiritual world, mayhaps
       because of the quite common god Lugh (pronounced Loo) whose name
       meant Light
       M. The king metaphorically (?) died and was reborn, as a stronger,
       better king of the tribe
       N. A feeling of timelessness was obtained during Samhain, which
       enabled fey, spirits, and deities to cease being invisible to the
       mortal eye. This is the origin for the concept of the "veil
       between the worlds" becoming "thin" or "removed."
       O. Some things never change... but 100 tubs of beer? Dear gods
       man, how big is your bladder??
       P. Jill had more written down... if you'd like the entire
       transcript from her, contact her. She deciphered a well written
       book on the subject and presented her summarized understanding of
       it. Thank you Jill for your enlightening and informative talk on
       the History of Samhain.

And with that, I play videogames until I go to sleep.

               Bona nox et tranquille,

*Note the date of the last minutes if you didn't actually catch my
earlier error. Yes I was very tired at the time. No I didn't play with
time again. But it was funny while it lasted.
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