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Recent Meeting Minutes

Did you miss our last meeting? Not to worry, not to worry- Haldan pretended he was secretary.

SO yea, want to know what happened last week?  Well here is the general
list of what occured.  It was a very relaxed meeting for the most part
and we all just sat down and at 7:00 pagan time (which I have been
informed is from 6:30~7:30...so 7:30) we got started with our conversations.
We did a review of the Islam meetings two weeks ago (I'm trying to figure
out how to make a new page so I can start posting the various discussions
we are going to have).  There was unanamous vote to have more such intervies
with various religious speakers, and we also had some requests.  Also, if 
anyone wants to give a presentation on a specific faction of pagan/wicca 
please feel free to talk to Larisa or myself so that we can plan a time and 
whatever else we need to do.  Next, the equinox will be celebrated on
March 18 when we get back from break.  THis means that we will plan it
this week so we have some time to work out details before we have to
leave campus.  Note: Vicki's B-Day is March 4...she is bringing cake if 
anyone wants to bring other forms of food.  Just for reference.  Also,
the Beltaine commity will start being in service.  Those we have 
volunteered are: Sarah, Kim, Amanda, and John with Eric otLH and Vicki
being satellite members.  After that we had a wonderful chat about Imbolc
and pinpointed a diety named ?Asteroth? as the source of so many random
things.  There were many similarities in experiences which made Eric 
ecstatic because it was his first group experience.  This is also really
fun because we have a little side quest in PODS to try and prevent this
from happening again.  Talk about being optimistic about strange 
experiences.  Not very much like me.  Oh well, See you all soon.
Yea for Imbolc.  Another ritual successfully planned and executed
....umn...yeah right.  SO I take some liberal views on events.  It 
took a minute.  Sorry if this is a little hectic.  It is late and 
my roommate and his friend are high and really distracting.  We 
had a lot of fun though at PODS.  Eric the Elder led us all in 
another spectacular guided meditation (saving my ass from making
an attempt at doing so).  We also got to use the Holy Lawn Ornament
of Doom, Doom, DOOOOOOOOMMM!  Ok, so maybe it was the Holy Lawn 
Ornament of Art...but Zimmifying it sounds cool too.  After all of 
that we shared a few minutes of comfortable silence and shared our 
visions (and gave Vicki a chance, who graciously drummed for us the 
entire first round)...remind me to never let my roommate learn of the
Holy Ornament...not a good idea at all.  
After all of this I had to leave to go to fencing.  Apparently tough
we got kicked out and moved our party into the Library.  I hope every-
one had fun.  Feel free to email any comments on the ritual to me and 
I will post them up (assuming appropriate of course).  Feedback is 
Haldan Smith
Co-President of PODS
~Peace, Love, Live Long and Prosper, Rock On
^v^v^This has been an official email from the "Secretary" of PODSv^v^

The Pagan Organization for Diverse Spirituality

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Not quite sure...hmmm....Greg?  Maybe...
I'll figure it all out soon enough
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Tigerlilly -- StarflowerMLP@hotmail.COM
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