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Meet the Members

Proud to be pagan? Want to see your name in print? Many of our members share such a pride and below is a little about them. ***Note to members: If at any time you wish to edit your profile, just send your new bio to me, Tigerlily. My email is on the "Contact Us" page!***

Tigerlily- Webmistress
~"I was raised Christian, and always followed it because I knew nothing else. I have no qualms with the religion itself, but I did find myself having problems with the rigidity of some of its followers. After many years of not truly believing anything, I read up a little on Wicca and found that alot of the general beliefs of her people correlated well with my own deep beliefs and it generally made sense. So now, unless I find something else that makes even more sense, I consider myself to follow my own, personal version, of Wicca."
Alyssa Mow- Co- President
~"Hello, I am a pantheist, meaning I believe in what has yet to be proven not to be.  I was raised by methodist wolves until my love opened my eyes to green magic.  Then I came to UConn and found PODS and ran with it from there. : )"

Catherine "Cat" Brennan- Co-President
~"I generally think of myself on a Druidic path.  Basically I'm all about the environment and realizing that everything on this planet has an effect on everything else.  Magic comes from an understanding of the seasons and the elements.  I believe in a God and a Goddess but basically balance in all things."
Eric "The Younger" Hohlfield- Secretary
"Hello.  I am an Eric.  The other one is an Erik, and I am Eric The New.  I'm a 9th semester Art Major with eyes on California after this semester.  I am currently PODS secretary, but I will step down after I graduate this year.  For my faith, short answer= 'You're all right.'  The fun part, which makes me unique, is trying to understand and explain how. : )
John Tibbets- Co-Treasurer
"My name is John...but call me Tibbets, my friends at PODS do!  I never really had any specific beliefs. Most of my family is religious, but never pushes their beliefs.  I came to PODS my freshman year with several friends who were already part of the group.  Now I'm co-treasurer!  PODS is a community I love to be a part of.  Come join us!"
Mark Relyea-
~I'm an 8 foot 3 inch, broad shouldered, in shape, 750 pound moose. I've been in PODS a long long time and even though they are holding me captive against my will in a small room (SU 386 every Thursday at 7pm!), I love them all dearly. I am a Pagan, a psych major and commonly shirtless. Anymore information about me can be found at my poorly managed and rarely updated webpage at http://mark_relyea.tripod.com/ Love and light everyone.

Michael Patton-
~"Not yet back in school, frantically working to produce the filthy lucre to that I can continue with my education in clinical psychology. I have been a long time practioner of hermetic magical study."

Tim Bshara-
~Tim is a junior, majoring in Managing Information Systems and minoring in spanish. "I intensely enjoy Reiki, back rubs/ head scratches/ massages. [I'm] looking for a little cutie who loves my quirks ;)"

Nate Boltseridge-
~Nathan is an alumnus of the University, currently applying for graduate programs in the History of Science. His spiritual interests include paganism, Taoism, Discordianism, and other wacky and wild isms to numerous to mention in this short bio.
"Hi!  I'm new...  I'm very interested in paganism, but I dont' really know much about pagan religions.  I pretty much follow basic beliefs of paganism, just not anything specific...  For the past couple years, I've kinda been hiding my beliefs and interests from my incredibly conservative parents.  So I was SO excited to find that there are alot of people here who share some of the same beliefs as me."
"I'm Matt.  I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic.  My beliefs were very liberal and individualized.  I found that the spiritual content was lost in dogma, and I sought more.  Almost a year ago I began to investigate pagan paths of spirituality.  I found that many pagan beliefs and practices fit a lot of the beliefs that I already held.  All of a sudden something clicked.   Afterwards I felt a presence; everytime I gaze at the moon, I feel a warm and welcoming presence.   It just feels right.  I pursue paths of Druidic/ Celtic and Egyptian spiritualities."
"Yosh'!  I'm Malvda.  I'm new, but I'm fun.  I'm generally pagan and follow the Norse traditions and mythology.  I was trying to be Christian for up until a few years ago, and then I had a mystic experience which confirmed my faith in something, but I didn't know much.  I tried naming and treating the presence in a Christian manner, but it didn't work, so I tried other paths and found my path in paganism.  As a side note, I'm still a member of the United Church of Christ, and my father's a minister, but it's ok."
"Greetings- my name is Joanna.  I'm a first semester psych major, and maybe someday I'll get into law.  Being from a Christian family and being expected to always believe in the power of Christ, I naturally felt extremely hesitant in seeking alternative beliefs.  I couldn't bring myself, however, to stay on the typical Christian/ mainstream path, so here I am trying to discover new things and hopefully shape my beliefs.  Aside from a strong interest in the occult, I enjoy poetry, music and Jeff Goldblum."
Julie Wernau-
"I'm bipedal.  My name is Julie.  I recently had the opportunity to take an incredibly spiritual trip to England, which included running to Glstonbury Tor at sunrise.  There were things on that trip that I found difficult to explain with my aetheist beliefs.  I'm a slow-growing pagan who believes there is energy in the earth and energy that flows between people.  I've always had an interest in various pagan beliefs including tarot, runes, and crystals; however, my beliefs are still not perfectly sketched out."
Lisa Jacobs-
"I'm a garden-variety pagan solitary -practicing witch with both pagan and Zen influence.  I gave up catholicism at 13 and have been spiritually seeking ever since.  I am strongly affiliated with fire, practice magic and divination, listen to the Universe, and while I don't really believe in a God, I talk to the Universe.  I consider sex, energy, and fire to be highly spiritual and consider myself a spiritual person...but I try not to be too serious about it."
Ben Wray-
"My name is Ben.  Life is about change, so the answers to any questions you are looking for have probably changed from when I wrote this.  But that's cool.  Because that's life.  C'est la vie."
Matt Stanley-
"I'm Matt.  I have a strong love of cheese, but I suppose that's off topic.  I was raised a Lutheran, and approximately three years ago my disillusions with the Christian fath overwhelmed me and I've been in theological limbo ever since.  I have strong interests in the Nordic and Roman pantheons, and also an interest in Buddhism."

Feel free to come by and meet us!

UConn PODS SU 386, Thursdays at 7pm