PODS Minutes 2002-2003


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Nov 21, 2002

Whew. Finally the minutes have arrived.

This week's minutes brought to you by: Dell Computers*

Last meeting Jess did her Reiki I class. Promises were written, contact
info was recorded, and souls were traded (not really, but Atlantis is
funding an alternative energy R&D department) to receive Reiki I
attunements. We were taught basic positions one should do Reiki on one's
self properly, and much merriment ensued with some really happy healing
mojo all over the place. All in all, it was quite spiff.

Next meeting (not tomorrow, which is when we eat and sleep and perhaps
drink a wee bit) Kyle will be leading a drumming circle. If you have
drums bring them, if not bring yourself, if not then just send a
telepathic rhythm to join along. Also, nominations will be held for next
semester's officers.

Other news to be had: A meeting was held at the Tree of Life cafe to do
some initial brainstorming for Yule this year. It is in the works that
the MIT people and people from/connected to Callisto's Curios will be in
attendance to this year's festivities. As such, we are trying for a
smashing good time. Currently we have a Universal Unitarian church
reserved for an entire evening until about 9am the next morning, courtesy
our esteemed Amanda. Themes I remember as having been kicked around were
Nordic/Celtic mix for theme, gingerbread things, soups, breads (a lot),
roast beast, and such for food, underworld and sun-death/undeaths, solar
deities, lunar deities, approximately 10 or more roles to be filled, and
more that will be presented at the beginning of the next meeting. Feel
free to write in suggestions here before or after our presenting of
concepts, or shout them out in an orderly manner during before or after
the presenting.

That's it for now. I'm off to find out what to do for the rest of the
evening (its almost 9pm) without a computer, television, CD's for my
stereo, or people to talk to (rents sleep early.) How boring. Nighters :)

    Tranquille et bona nox,      Eric

*"Brought to you by Dell Computers" is a statement that in no way implies
the betterness of Macs over PCs or vice-versa. The statement is in
reference to the high level of badness in the idea that desktops should
be transported on Bonanza bus systems with a significant layover in
downtown Hartford, with stops in Litchfield and Waterbury**.


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