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Sept. 26, 2002

So you want minutes, do you? Well then. Here they are.

PODS MINUTES for 09.26.2002

I. New members
   a. Keep on coming :)

   a. Mike led a hermetic circle. It was quite interesting.
   b. There were things spoken in Egyptian. It was interesting.
   c. The ritual was to bring yourself more in tune with the Goddess
   d. Isis is the Goddess of women, motherhood, and magick, and is wed
   to her husband, Osiris, who was in many pieces until, as often
   happens, she put him back together again.
   e. Pentagrams of Banishing were used to ward off evils. They were
   used with each of the five elements, Earth Air Water Fire and
   f. The Weaving of the Stars also took place, realizing the tapestry
   of pentagrams filling all the space around us.
   g. If I've transcribed any of these things or the event itself
   incorrectly, I welcome those who can to correct me, and I shall post

   a. Erika led a talk about divination, heavy on Runes (its what she
   b. She explained that there are no such things as Druid futhark
   runes. They used Ogham, which looks somewhat like stick-counting.
   c. Erika uses Futhark runes. There are between twenty-some-odd and
   d. Runes are read not only by the individual tile's meaning, but in
   the position it was drawn, and its meaning is changed by the runes
   next to it.
   e. She explained some spreads, from as simple as 3 stones in a row
   to a bunch in a circle that connect to the ones across from and next
   to them in counterclockwise order, as well as the center stone.
   f. Erika also stated that because of the nature of there being
   multiple meanings for each stone, and multiple positions that affect
   said meaning that each stone may have, and multiple arrangements
   that affect all the stones involved that can be achieved, reading
   runes can become very complex, very quickly.

IV. Afterwards.
   a. Random schindigs and the like, with a reading or two.

V. Miscellaneous amusing mumblings.
   a. Using scrabble to divinate your way into ruling the future.
   b. Atlantis was entirely powered by the burning of DEAD mummies.
   c. Doing readings for complicated people can rune your day.
          1) There was much punnery this evening. Kyle started it.

    a. The PODS email list is currently at 102. I don't even know if my
    service will send out that many at once. I already had to make a
    second addresses group because it limited me to 100... I think that
    is a glitch in their system.
    b. I will (hopefully) remember to mention a soon-to-be-updated list
    of emails that have consistently been returning me errors. For the
    sake of progress, please remind me if I forget.
    d. To continue my own personal traditions of bad memory, I forgot
    to bring it tonight.
    e. If those of you who do not come to meetings would like a copy,
    send me an email with your mailing address. Try not to ask me to
    send it out unless you really want one and really can't come to the
    meetings to sign out the one that will become a part of the locker.
    I'm a college student, and have no money.
    f. As just mentioned, the disc I have right now will be put into
    the PODS library. It will be available on a sign-out basis. Copy
    over what you'd like, and return it the next meeting.
    g. More will be mentioned about this system once I actually bring
    it to PODS.
    h. Arnold Schwartzenager once said, "Its not a tumor." I believe
    him, for now.

Very well. Sleep well. Verily well. Merilly swell. Good night all ye
little podlings.

^v^v^This has been an official email from the Secretary of PODSv^v^

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