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Nov. 7, 2002

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To all PODlings, near and far, I bear sad news; Kyle's mother passed away
a few days ago. In part, this explains for why the minutes are being sent
so late, as I was debating what to say of this matter. After a few days
had passed, I emailed Kyle. The following is a clip of his response:

"...She was surrounded by people who love her and she is no longer in any
pain. We should be happy for her and celebrate her life, because there is
alot to celebrate."

"There is a memorial service on wednesday at belmont funeral home in
colchester Ct. we will be recieving friends from 1:00 with a memorial
service to follow at 2:00, however, only people who actually got to know
her should think about going. If others want to get a card and all sign
it, that would be wonderful."

"We will actually be at pods this week, and hugs will be gratefully
accepted. as to energy being sent, i would prefer it be sent out to all
those who are grieving for her rather than anyone specific. Energy
directed tomy mom for a smooth transition to the next cycle would also be
really appreciated. thank all of the podlings for me, for all of their
support and love ok?"

Please send along your blessing thoughts to those he wanted to receive
your support. Now, as in times of need in the past, we must open our
hearts to our friends and our friends' friends in love and light.


And now in breif, the minutes:

Next week: Out of respect for Jess and Kyle, and as per Mike's
suggestion, Mike will be teaching his class on low magick next week. I
suspect this will include uses for weaponry, stones, crystals, symbols,
wands, and that lot. Mike has done a number of good classes this
semester, so whatever he's planning will certainly be educational and

Last week: Due to events described above, in addition to Jess being
ironically ill, Reiki was postponed. In its stead Mike talked a bit about
Dark Magick, which I must say was a definite first for PODS. It included
information on Alester Crowley and his alleged killings, necromancy, and
other black magicks. This was not meant as an instructional class; it was
meant as an informational course so that we knew what to look out for,
what not to do when casting for something that may be selfish, and
provided examples into the nature of the Wiccan Rede: "And harm ye none;
do what thou will." Basically do not 1) Steal things outright from
people, including love, one's will, one's emotions, money, jobs, material
posessions, and so on, 2) do not harm another. It was a very interesting
and informational and educational session.

The meeting after next: I suspect Jess may be able to do her Reiki I
course then, or perhaps Kyle's drumming course. We shall see what they
hope to do when the time draws nearer, but in the mean time hugging and
respect is well appreciated.

     With all good hopes and white light,

^v^v^This has been an official email from the Secretary of PODSv^v^

The Pagan Organization for Diverse Spirituality

Cat Brennan ---
Alyssa Mow ---- Phoenix798@AOL.COM

Army of Treasurers
Erika Smith ----
John "Lord of the Dance" TIbbets --- LordTecky@Yahoo.COM

Eric Hohlfeld --

Tigerlilly --

Weekly Meetings
Room 386, Student Union Building
University of Connecticut Storrs Campus
Every Thursday Evening at 7:00pm
(officers meet about half an hour prior)
Correction 1) Jess was fine the week of Reiki physically, it was Kyle's
mother's condition that kept her and Kyle from attending.

Correction 2) Jess would like to teach *REIKI I THIS WEEK AS PLANNED*.
Kyle would also like to teach drumming the following week. The following
week's plans will be discussed at this week's meeting.

And now to repeat a message from Jess to me on what people should
bring/expect at the class:

ok...  a blanket and a pen would be useful, and orange juice is better
than water if possible.  people should also bring patience!

basically, reiki is a healing art in which energy drawn through the
attuned healer is used to help speed up natural healing and
pain-relieving processes.  reiki healing is not restricted to the
physical body, but can also be used to help heal the emotional damage,
and in helping to heal the spirit and even the earth.  i will be talking
about the uses, history and principles of reiki, as well as about some
basic aspects of chakras.  if people are interested, i will be passing
reiki I attunements at the end of the class - this is all that is needed
to practice reiki at the first level.

if anyone has any questions prior to the class, they can feel free to
email me at t_wyncham@hotmail.com.

That's all for now. Love and light all :)



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