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Nov 15, 2001

Hello all,

Due to a certain someone - OK it was John - spilling MY tea on MY minutes, the following will be short, misspelled, and quite probably altogether wrong. I don't rembember a group called "BODS" do you? ... Sure, I could have fixed the smudges when I transcribed my notes, but that simply would not have been fun.

***THE FOLLOWING is brought to you by George W. Bush... "You can't spell 'Huh??' without 'W'!***

--Bonafide PODS Minutes for 11/15--

A. Business was kept short this evening.
B. Mark proposed keeping a group PODS diary/notebook
1. This would be a "fancy" book with "fancy" writing
a. I do not write "fancy," so I don't think this book should be assigned to the Secretary
b. In fact, I can barely write so as it's legible.
c. But that might just be due to the fact that my notes have TEA all over them.
C. This book could go in our next semester budget
1. This budget, again, will be put together "soon"
2. Email me if you have any special requests
a. Note that USG does not fund firearms but Mark hypothesizes that they may fund catapults
b. And I will not even mention funding van/car trips
i. See how I didn't mention that?
D. Amanda brought apple pie :-) ... THANKS!
1. We collectively worshipped her, and continue to do so to this day.
2. Oh, and the pie was most excellent, if you couldn't infer that.

A. Trying to learn the Spiral Dance
1. Operative word = TRYING
2. Other operative word = FAILURE
3. Invisible operative word =
4. These attempts were so amusing that I will not even try to describe them humorously.
B. Commandeering the President's Garden for energy/massage circle
1. Note to self: learn songs other than "What do you do with a drunken pagan?"
2. Note to group: See above.

A. November 22: THANKSGIVING, NO PODS (n.b.: do NOT meet @ 7PM @ SU386)
B. November 29: Full Moon Circle
C. December 6: Yule Planning, (shh!) Elections
1. If, by some quirk of fate or insanity, you WANT to run, let me know soon and I will see you get help.

A. Have you checked out the website recently? I thought not.
B. So...
1. http://uconnpods.tripod.com

That's about it, folks. A long meeting which condenses quite nicely in minutes. Or that might just be because someone _condensed_ my tea all over my notes ... John. Note to self: get out can of whoopass for next meeting.

Well, regardless, have a great break and a great Thanksgiving, all. Yes, even you, John.



***THE PRECEDING has been brought to you by USG... "Enough pointless forms to choke a donkey!"***