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Feb 5, 2002

Top o' the morning to you!

Here are the minutes from last night's meeting, made possible by a grant from the PODS Beltane Planning Committee ("Pyromaniacs Working For You"). Note that USG (Unusually Stupid Government) is NOT funding these minutes. Read below to find out more...

---PODS Minutes for 2/7---

A. Due to a shift in Pagan Standard Time, yesterday's meeting started at 7:40 rather than 7:00 as scheduled.
B. Jess, back from China for a few more weeks, and Beth were at the meeting. Yay!

A. Beltane (Fri. Apr. 26 afternoon - Sun. Apr. 28 noon)
1. The Beltane Planning Committee met Wednesday (2/6) in South Campus.
2. Details
a. Site still TBD. We're looking at a site in Massachusetts and two in Connecticut.
b. Food and menus are planned
i. We are taking into account the great number of vegetarians in attendance.
ii. As a result, the vegetarians will be eaten Friday night rather than Sunday as originally planned. :)
c. Projected cost is around $20 per person, including site fees and all meals.
i. This may go down, depending on USG funding and/or numbers of attendees.
3. The next planning meeting will be in "three weeks" sometime. Stay tuned.
B. Contra-Dancing
1. Briana is putting together a night of Contra Dancing.
2. This will be held some weekend in April (note: NOT Apr. 26-28) in the Student Union's "Connecticut Room"
a. The "Connecticut Room" is down the hall from 386 (where the Christians meet on Thursdays).
3. Details to follow.
C. Upcoming Events
1. Mark has been unable to contact Craftwise regarding this weekend.
a. We will try to let people know if he is able to contact the organizers.
2. Next week is still scheduled to be "Sensual Massage" at 7PM in SU386.
a. The Lupercalia will not be celebrated this year as we failed once again to get permission to use the SU Mall.
i. For those of you unfamiliar with Roman religious practice, the Lupercalia was celebrated on Feb. 15 and required dogs and goats to be sacrificed to a wolf, after which naked men would hit unmarried women with sticks to ensure fertility.
ii. Those Romans were a wacky, wacky, people.
iii. Oh, and that description was the MILD one. The graphic version is, well, more graphic.
D. PODS Budget / USG Report
1. As promised, here's the part where USG should be ashamed of themselves but aren't.
2. In order to get funding, we need a certified treasurer.
3. In order to get certified, we need to go to a USG orientation meeting.
4. This semester, all three meetings were scheduled before class began.
5. Rumor had it that USG was aware of the obvious problem and were scheduling a fourth meeting.
6. Rumor was wrong. Dead wrong.
7. Therefore, we need to contact the Chair of Budget and Finance, James "Corn Man" Brandt.
8. And beg for the right to submit a budget.
9. Greg and James, our underpaid and oversexed treasurers, are tracking USG down as we speak.
10. Youdaman! Youdaman!

A. Nate and Mike conducted a very good lecture/workshop on shielding techniques.
1. If you missed it, sucks to be you.
2. Especially when you need shields.
3. Like when the Klingons attack, as they do oh, so frequently.
B. Thanks Nate and Mike!!
1. If Mike had email, he'd be able to read this.
2. But since Mike _doesn't_ have email, he _won't_ be able to read THIS:
b. Oh, yeah, he knows people with email. Darn.

Well, on that note, I think I'm just about done here. Hope to see you all next week.


***THE PRECEDING has been brought to you by the Las Vegas Sports Bookies ("Losing Money on the New England Patriots Since December").***