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Sept. 13, 2001

A. "But we can't market anything on a FINGER!"

1. Will be held this Thursday (9/20) somewhere in the woods. In
order to find your way there, be at SU386 at 7PM (same time, same place).
a. Note that being there will not simply enable you to find our
location, you must additionally meet up with one of us who knows where it
is. Just FYI.
2. The Event itself
a. Corners have been generally assigned. As no one was
interested in South, I'll take it on. If it turns out badly, then all the
more incentive for more volunteers next time... :)
b. There will be snackage, assuming people bring said.
FLASHLIGHTS and drinks are also requested for y'all to bring.
B. Plans for October 4th.
1. Ha! Maybe planning for Yule. Bring suggestions to Mabon...
C. Random thoughts
1. PODS may want to do something with the new "Buddha" club on
campus. We have noticed that their signs were often placed next to PODS
signs. Hmmm...
2. Jill suggests a "PODS night under the stars: Astronomy at Ninaget
Pt.". Due to the fact that the stars are not out during the week, this will
only be held on a Friday. Getting USG to fund a van was mentioned, but
quickly discounted after everyone on the "Treasurer committee" fainted or
ran screaming from the room.
D. NYC "stuff" drive. See Thursday's "notes" or Eric's forwarded email
for more info.

A. A hopefully productive group circle to send healing energy to those
hurt by the events of Sept. 11th.

A. A very informative lecture on Hermetic Theory by "Mike". We're not
sure that's his real name, but I use it here as a concession to tradition.
B. Important Points brought up in discussion
1. We are all in God's cabinet.
2. "Noam Chomsky is cool"
a. This quote will go unattributed due to an ex-president's
tendency to hurt those who say it.
b. Note to Jess: it wasn't me. I don't even LIKE Noam
3. Numerology
a. Jill and Mark are "7s" which makes them both "crack-whores".
However, in a reassuring turn of events, they are NOT simply sluts or
whores. This they make very clear.
b. A zeppelin is a "4" which means disaster. I wonder... let's
see... R-E-D-S-O-X... Yeah, whatever... probably also a "4".
c. Odd numbers are good, even numbers are bad.
d. 11 and 22 are both good and bad. Note: they're also tough to
find as hermetic numerology focuses only on 1-9.
4. Random comment
a. "They crossed over the stream and ate beaver on a stick."

A. Upcoming activities
1. MABON this Thursday (9/20) 7PM *SHARP* in SU386. Bring food &
2. Usual meetings every Thursday until the end of time in SU386 at
B. Sign off

Well, the novice monkeys that have dictated these minutes to me have tired
and gone off to steal donuts or to do whatever they do when they're not
dictating PODS minutes. Oh, if I only had trained monkeys. Even apprentice
monkeys. Well, that's all water over the dam / cranberries over the basket
/ styrofoam over the carton / paper over the paper-holder / etc. ... You
see, my point here is that I'm done.