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Feb 7, 2002

Good morning folks,

Yesterday's meeting was an all-around wacky one. Therefore, not much got done. Read on, though, for the exciting details.

***THE FOLLOWING is brought to you by '21st Century UConn', "Another Opportunity to Build Ugly Buildings"***

---Minutes for 2/14---

A. Nate will not be here next week as he is being wooed by the Catholic Church
1. They are flying him out to Indiana on an all-expenses paid trip.
2. He is one of six finalists to be named Pope.
3. Actually, that's not it. They'd fly him to Illinois if they were going to name him Pope.
4. Instead, Notre Dame's grad school wants a closer look at him.
a. Note to Nate: Wash behind your ears, sit up, and, whatever you do, DON'T BRING YOUR PENTACLE!
B. There is no "B"

A. Tigerlily has set up a Celtic Contra Dance with the Celtic American Club for March 30th.
1. See the separate email she sent out last week for details
B. Budget
1. Basically, USG has completely screwed us over. We may or may not actually get funded for anything.
2. Greg and James deserve our praise for not spontaneously combusting. Bravo, gentlemen.
3. Did you know that the following are anagrams for "Undergraduate Student Government"?
a. A gunrunner dog muttered vendettas. (or... A god muttered, "Gunrunners' vendettas!")
b. "Get a groundnut," ventured tradesmen.
c. Underdog gnus ventured a treatment.
d. A nun, unnerved, stuttered, "Mortgaged!"
e. A tungsten-rod unguarded revetment.
f. A groundnut stuttered, "Damn. Revenge!"
g. Drug-treatment dungeons under a vet.

A. There was some amount of sensual massaging going on. It was dark. There were candles.
1. We were allowed to sign out our CD player from USG (after they found it) and actually used it.
a. I will be going shortly to USG to sign it back in. They suck.
B. There were also a couple of stunning surprises from "once and future" PODS members.
1. I will refrain from mentioning them here, in case said members wish to surprise others on this list.
2. So there.
3. But come to a meeting and I'll tell you...
C. On a related note, it has been declared that Beltane will be the "best Beltane ever". Excellent.

IV. UPCOMING MEETINGS (all 7PM to whenever, SU386)
A. Thu. Feb. 21: "Poppet Night"
1. I have no idea what this is. Come and find out with me!
B. Thu. Feb. 28: "Herbalism" (by Erika)
1. This is also around the full moon...
C. Thu. Mar. 7: "Mythology"

See you all soon.

Love and light,


***THE PRECEDING has been brought to you by Afghanistan: the only country whose name can be used to spell "Ghana Faints" as well as "A Hag's Infant"***