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Oct. 25, 2001


Here are the "minutes" for tonight. They're not quite minutes, more like notes, or a record of activities, but whatever. I'll bend to convention THIS time. It would be pretty cool if you could just write minutes... you know, simply make them up! I'd write a bunch of minutes in which I got my PoliSci paper done. Unfortunately, that's just not possible... yet. ("Eleventy Billion Dollars!" ... this has been a message for you SNL Celebrity Jeopardy fans.)

Before I get on to actual meeting business, I'd like to encourage all of you with high-speed internet connections or simply an excess of time on your hands to check out the following 400KB Shockwave Flash animation: www.gotlaughs.com/funpages/bin2.swf (it's about the bombing, but would be amusing and worthwhile for even the most hardened - softened? - pacifist out there...). Don't bother if your browser can't handle Flash (or if you don't have a sound card). It just wouldn't work.

And there's also a cool and fairly accurate "Religion Selector" at http://www.selectsmart.com/RELIGION/. See also their "Pagan Path Selector" at http://www.selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php3?client=paganreligion.

Well, enjoy, regardless. Now...

~Minutes for 10/25~

I. TRIP TO MIT'S SAMHAIN CIRCLE (Sunday, October 28)
A. **Change in plans for cars**
1. Some of us will be leaving as planned from the South A/B circle at 10AM Eastern Standard Time (i.e. change your clocks back Sat. night before going to bed or risk being ridiculed at the least).
a. If you signed a piece of paper tonight, you're fine. (But you're MINE! Ha ha ha <sadistic laughing>) Otherwise, email Nate (nate_the_great@geeklife.com) to sign up. Ben O. and Jill are on our list already, but you two should still confirm with Nate.
b. There are approximately one and a half spots left (Mike's car is responsible for both).
c. In an emergency, you may call Mark (427-3273), me (427-4058), or Nate's cell phone (860-208-6428). Also, Mark is in South A303 and I am in A317 if you needed to wander up and we weren't down.
d. Nate, Mark, and I will be meeting at 9AM (also EST) at the South A courtyard for breakfast in the South dining hall. Any and all are free to join us.
2. There will be other cars leaving at 6PM from Storrs and from the Eastbrook Mall.
a. For the Eastbrook Mall shuttle, contact Jon Prue at howlswithwolves@hotmail.com for more info.
b. For the Storrs shuttle, contact Hollie at percywags@aol.com or on-campus at 427-5810.
B. Money
1. All attendees should bring money for the following (list is not exclusive):
a. Food
b. Parking
c. The T (small change is good)
d. Gas
e. Souvenirs and gift-type items
f. Miscellany
g. Random things
h. Donations
i. Trained and/or novice monkeys
j. Rutabagas (the vegetable, not the beverage)
k. Etc.
l. Other stuff
m. And more!

A. Before dawn, with Venus, until early November. The best viewing time of the year, or so the voices in my head tell me.
B. If anyone would like to meet some morning early at the Hill, let me know and we can work something out.

A. We will be meeting in the ##~*!*~SU LOBBY~*!*~## at 7PM SHARP and from there heading up to the Hill for the ritual. Ritual details were in last week's minutes. If you did not get them and would like to, let me know.
B. From there, we will somehow be getting to the Hilltop Community Center which Tigerlily has reserved for us. Tigerlily will not be going up to the Hill, so if you want to help her get stuff ready, feel free to go straight to Hilltop at 7PM.
C. There is a DVD player there. If you have any DVDs you'd like to watch, bring them.
1. Everyone signed up for a snack or dessert-type item to bring. If you didn't sign up, get creative.
2. We will be ordering pizza. Therefore, EVERYONE should bring at least $2 or $3 to donate for food.

A. I briefly mentioned Greco-Roman divination (the Delphic Oracle, the Aeneid) and the centrality of getting smashed in order to prophesize.
B. 7:45 PM was announced.
C. The conversation quickly moved on to tarot and runes where it thankfully stayed for most of the evening. Thanks to all who brought "stuff". One theory on why tarot/runes work was that it gets the meddling conscious mind out of the way... please see "Getting Smashed" above. Thank you.

A. Not much. The meeting just kind of continued until 11:15PM when people spontaneously combusted. Oops, I mean dissolved. Whaddeva.
B. Tim B., still our official treasurer, has asked me to remind all of you that AQUA/Rainbow Center/Hillel will be hosting a Halloween Drag Dance in the SU Ballroom on 10/31 from 8:30-11PM. Look for the bright yellow posters around campus or email Tim for more info (timdawg101@hotmail.com).

A. Nov. 8 is scheduled to be "Sewing Nite"
B. Nov. 15 is scheduled as "Storytelling Nite".
C. Show up to find out what we're REALLY doing. Probably planning Beltane :-).
D. Check out our website http://uconnpods.tripod.com for updates.

Well, see you Sunday. Or Thursday. Or both. Or neither. Or...

That's it. It's time for me to simply say,

With love and light,